Casey & Mark are Engaged!

This photo shoot is very near and dear to my heart. Casey, my step-sister, who I’ve known for 16 years, got engaged on her birthday in New Orleans this past year.  I had the wonderful privilege of capturing her engagement pictures in preparation for the big day coming up in the fall.  For this shoot I made the trip out to Bryan, College Station…yes, Aggieland. She had the fantastic idea to go to Downtown Bryan where the brick walls are a plenty and the architecture leaves you drooling.  For a texture girl, well, I couldn’t get enough! Here are some the fun images from that day! Congratulations to you both!

I LOVE this expression!

Vandalizing! Ha! Don’t worry, it’s chalk! Which makes it okay, right???

This was my favorite shot.  We’d already completed the obligatory train track images and had moved on to another location when the air started roaring with the approaching horn of the locomotive.  I took a couple more shots under the stairs and then yelled, “RUN!” We made it to the train, posed, and then the most beautiful graffiti designs flew past just at the perfect time.  I  love how the colors seem to match what they’re wearing, almost like it was planned.

This was also a surprise and perfectly timed marquee.

Thanks, you guys! Love you both.  Can’t wait for the fall!

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