Water-Logged – Child Photography

Molly, touched by the creative bug herself, always tries to think outside of the box as it relates to Mia, her adorable daughter. Soon to be four, it was that time again to capture those dimples and blonde pig tails, but where to go? After some thought and wild brainstorming, she decided this year’s child photography session would take place at one of Austin’s many splash pads around town. Specifically Butler Park, just South of the river and the beautiful Austin Skyline. (Why in the world does San Antonio not have one of these places? Austin has at least a dozen!!!)

We arrived early on Friday morning right when the water started to dance in fashion. A watered down version of the Bellagio (if you’ll excuse the pun) and without Pavarotti serenading us in all his glory! But nonetheless, an incredibly fun setting! Soon, other parents arrived with their strollers and towels to let their kids play in the hot, Texas sun.

Every child is different with their own unique personality. You can see it at such an early age. Mia’s not one of those “full speed ahead” kiddos. Jump first and discover where to land second. Nope. She’s cautious. Hesitant. Wants to assess the situation by sticking a toe in first to see how cold the water is before immersing herself completely. She has the makings of a great scientist. So instead we warmed up by walking around the spiral sidewalk she deemed Candyland to the top of the hill to view the skyline.

After several contemplative struts around the top of the hill, stopping to pose and offer up the cutest smile, it was starting to get hot! No better way to cool off than in the fountain! So here we go!

Walking the pathway of Candyland, as Mia calls it.

If you have been following my blog before, you’ve seen this little one before, contemplating rocket science with this pose. Although after three photo sessions of her launching into this thought provoking posture, I decided to ask for it. Shame one me! Should’ve known that it was coming sooner or later.

And here it it! Unprovoked and on her own accord. Love it!

Such a sweet face. It’s been fun watching you grow. Can’t wait to photograph you in Yankee-Land!

Water-logged at Butler Park – Child Photography

Jul 25, 2013 - 5:30 pm

Molly - LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Jul 25, 2013 - 7:13 pm

Marisa - Love you, my friend!!!

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