Calling Upon a Storm


© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography - Calling Upon a Storm

Calling Upon a Storm

It’s that time of season. The close of one year and the start of another.

When I lived in Texas, dad would take me, along with my sister, to the House of Pies around Christmas time. Just the three of us. It was a tradition of ours. We’d order the sweetest thing on the menu, some hot chocolate and recall the past year. Accomplishments. Changes. Goals for the future. And with a sparkle and a gleam in his eye, the pride emanating from him wrapped us in the warmest of blankets.

Those were special times.

A closing of a chapter as we picked up another book to begin. Pages unwritten.

So, Dad, even though you are far away, I sit here with my hot chai tea and chocolate chip cookie pondering reflections of the last 12 months along with aspirations for the coming days. I’m going to shoot for the moon. I’m calling upon a storm. And I’m gonna reach for the stars (because stars don’t fall out of the sky – according to Ritchie Valens)!

Unfortunately, I don’t have too many behind the scenes shots from this day. A whole group of us intended to get together for a day of shooting at Great Falls Park, but in the end, there were only two of us. The weather warmed to a balmy 50 degrees with the promise of rain. So it was a battle against time to photograph before Mother Nature decided to cleanse us with her good graces.

A big thank you to Tom Newforge for his assistance manning the shutter while I stood on a rock, barefooted, holding a tortilla warmer. Note to self: next time fill warmer with tortillas first!

© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography - BTS - Calling Upon A Storm

Dec 30, 2014 - 2:01 pm

Tom Newforge - Tacos for our next meetup! lol.

Honestly, I am honored to have been able to click the shutter for you. Just when I think you’ve produced the most amazing piece I’ve ever seen you create, you go and do something like this that just blows me away. Clean and solid piece.
I am pretty psyched that I got to become your friend before you got too famous. (Which judging by your recent work should be like….tomorrow?) I cannot wait to see what you do next and thanks for having me along for the ride.

Dec 30, 2014 - 7:44 pm

John Sarabia - House of Pies and James Coney Island down the street. Sweet, sweet memories…

Dec 30, 2014 - 11:42 pm

Marisa White - Let’s not forget Chuy’s too!!

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