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Letter of Unusual Incident

Letter of Unusual Incident Date/Time Reported: Mo.  7, Day 12, Year 80, Time 6:30AM Part I – Reported by Mrs. Beverly Queen Part II – Type of Incident – Unhealthy and Deplorable Condition Part III – Details of Incident – Upon arrival for duty this am this building smelled disgustingly unbearable. The corridors, playrooms and […]

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Autumn Knowingly Stared

Autumn Knowingly Stared These last few days have called for flip flops and tank tops. My kind of weather despite the fact that its December, soon to be 16th with Christmas knocking on the front door. Only 10 days away. Capt Awesome and I spent last weekend decorating our cute little tree; our first since […]

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Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground Sunday was one of those epic movie days. Rainy and dreary outside called for the likes of Gladiator and Braveheart. Passionate men sacrificing their lives for freedom and for love. Pushed to the brink by tragedy. Now I am no lover of war. I wish humanity could embrace tolerance of all our different […]

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