Northern Migration

© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography - Northern Migration

Northern Migration

© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography

Meet Jenn. She was minding her own business on the metro this past November. I have no recollection as to who was on first but saw her sitting there; quietly waiting for her stop, like the rest of us travelers. I did everything in my willpower to not fixate but her unique features kept drawing my eye again and again. It was at that moment, staring at her white eyelashes, conviction took hold. The disappointment would hang hard and heavy if I did not sum up the courage to accost her before her station arrived. Decision time.

Deep breath.

I grew a pair of balls, rose from my seat with certainty, sat down next to her…and proceeded to verbally vomit all over her! Starting my introduction with, “I don’t mean to be creepy but…” Handing her my card, I told her she was stunning and how much I would love to photograph her. Yadda yadda. What probably only lasted 30 seconds felt like a small eternity and it wasn’t until I arrived back at my seat that the realization struck; I never even said my name!

So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email a couple of weeks later accepting my offer.

Jenn, I want to let you know I’m not in the habit of accosting women on the metro! (Although after the experience, I may not flinch so much at the mere thought!) Thank you for taking a chance and joining me for an excursion and exploration through my slightly offbeat mind.

Looking at this now I am reminded of the magic that inevitably occurs from engaging in an activity that scares the hell out of you. Note to self.

Behind the Scenes of a Conceptual Photograph

Northern Migration is part of a new series I’ve recently tackled much to the dismay of my flighty, and somewhat A.D.D. head space. Much more to say about this series as time passes.

Two weeks of solid rain and scattered clouds surrounded Christmas this year.  The sun decided to grace us with her full on glory the ONE day we scheduled, which included full on make up with the lovely Jacqueline Gellner MUA, to photograph out at Great Falls Park. Gorgeous day. Horrible day for shooting. Oh the shadows. Oh the humanity! Every idea, carefully crafted and scouted on the previous sunless days, required a place beside the water…without reprieve from the malevolent and unforgiving sun.

But when in Rome…

Luckily water does allow for a little light bouncing and the river runneth over after such a consistent rainfall. I’d frequented this part of the park on a couple other occasions and have to admit, I didn’t recognize the space as the swelling engulfed most of the beach and drowned the trees.

© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography - Behind the Scenes of a Conceptual Photograph
(Speaking of trees…I now deem tree branches my new nemesis. Never have so many hours clicked by cloning out tiny little branches forcing my eyes to cross. I have Tori Amos and Incubus to thank for my sanity.)

Jenn was the greatest of sports. A natural athlete, she never hesitated scrambling over rocks in a dress, per my silly requests, or fighting off those pesky tree branches that attempted to entrap and entangle us at every bend. Again, thank you! I know it’s not easy, especially as a weekend brings more of its share of onlookers to our day’s events.

I’ll save more for another posting…one where I hope to turn day into night to account for the shadow play.

© Marisa S White - White Sparks Photography - Behind the Scenes of a Conceptual Photograph


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