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Marisa grew up in a house full of scientists. With both her parents circling the medical field and her sister following suit, she often found herself alone in her room drawing or painting whatever the emotion of the day required. While attending college, at the University of North Texas, she discovered the full capabilities of the camera. The dark room became a second home from that moment on, seduced by the glowing red lights, the smell of fixer, and the ability for paper to suddenly sprout an image like a magician revealing the prestige of a magic trick. It wasn’t long before she began combining photographs to her paintings, creating mixed media collages. It was then that she found her passion with photographing, able to capture that spontaneous and real moment. A truth that is sometimes so fleeting, if only for a second.

Today her work has evolved from the physical realm of collages to the digital world, focusing on the beauty, darkness and depth of conceptual photography. Limited only by imagination and inspired by current happenings, lyrics and emotions, she creates settings, often touched with nuances of surrealism. Her images are personal, like old friends, the kind you can’t shake no matter how long they stay. But also the kind you miss when they’re gone. Sometimes autobiographical, sometimes not; there’s an element of relativity in each image that has a tendency to make the viewer stop and take pause.

Sep 14, 2015 - 10:07 pm

Meg Schaap - Hi Marissa,

It was so nice talking to you at Hera Hub DC, where I have my show at the moment, I love your photographs, very feminine, beautiful.
Please add me to your mailing list, love to see what you are creating.

Meg X

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