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Barley Bean Go to the Splash Pad

Inspired by the previous shoot with the adorable Miss Mia, I knew that these two little ones with all of their swim lessons and absolute abandonment of any fear would love this water park so I begged my sister to allow me to take Barley Bean to the splash pad up in Austin. (Okay, perhaps […]

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Water-Logged – Child Photography

Molly, touched by the creative bug herself, always tries to think outside of the box as it relates to Mia, her adorable daughter. Soon to be four, it was that time again to capture those dimples and blonde pig tails, but where to go? After some thought and wild brainstorming, she decided this year’s child […]

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Birds of a Feather

Charlie is a precocious, 5 year old who loves anything Star Wars, including legos, video games, storm troopers and light sabers.  While visiting Grandma and her birds, he got to practice the art of staying still while Sydney, the Cockatiel, perched atop his shoulder.  He also got to admire her lovely African Grey birds, Dinka […]

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