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And Then There Were Four – Newborn Documentary Photography

Molly requested from the very beginning that she wanted newborn documentary photography for Callan’s first  experience in front of the lens. It really seemed fitting, especially since babies may be able to see color, but they tend to be a bit color blind…never mind the fact that they really can’t focus much beyond their face […]

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No Generation Gap

They say there’s no generation gap between grandparents and their grandchildren. I’ve always known this to be true. Of course, we’re natural talkers in my family, (at least on dad’s side) but I’ve been known to chat with my grandmother until ungodly hours in the morning. Or maybe that’s because we’re both night owls. (Never […]

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Simple. Quiet. Beauty.

I met Miss E the day before our shoot. She walked into Sweetwater, casual, hair long and flowing with a friendly smile and we exchanged pleasantries in preparation for our session. I liked her instantly…and who wouldn’t, really? She’s like the Jennifer Anniston of Friends. Natural. Unassuming. Her own person. But what I liked most […]

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